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Contemporary, Comprehensive Eye Exams

OptomapDuring your eye exam your doctor will thoroughly assess your eye health, ensure your vision prescription is accurate, and recommend corrective options suited to your lifestyle and occupational needs. If you wear contact lenses, or would like to be fitted for contact lenses, your doctor will perform additional testing as a separate part of your exam to ensure proper fit, comfort, and the best vision possible.

As part of our comprehensive care, State Street Eye offers the Optomap system for retinal health evaluation.  This quick and painless component of your eye exam provides an ultra-wide digital image of your retina that your doctor will clinically assess and review with you.  On subsequent visits to our office, your Optomap images are digitally retrieved for comparison and detection of changes to your retinal health.

Advanced Eye Health Diagnostics and Management

The advanced diagnostic technologies available at our office will allow your eye doctor to detect eye disease at its earliest stages, when it is most treatable.  Should you be diagnosed with an eye disorder, in many cases we can manage your treatment conveniently from our office, or we will coordinate your care with a recommended eye disease specialist.

Relief for Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry-eye irritation, your doctor will evaluate your tear production and health of your corneal surface, then discuss with you appropriate options for relief based on the severity and cause of your eye dryness.

Computer Vision

You can be more comfortable and productive at work with glasses specifically prescribed for computer vision.  Our patients who have taken this simple step to reduce the visual and physical effects of computer eye strain usually say the same thing to us … “I should have done this sooner.”

Urgent Eye Care
We are available for your urgent eye care needs, including eye infections, corneal abrasions, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and debris removal.   

To schedule an immediate appointment, please call our office (617) 742-7200. 

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